September 23, 2016 - EVEN Day Schedule


Please check the bulletin board outside of the office or the rack in the office for Information on the following:

Students - you will be getting your CMAS results in homeroom today - please take these home to your parents - they will be expecting them!

Attention Chromebook Users (That's ALL of you!)- Starting on Monday we will be keeping track of each time you need to borrow a Chromebook from the library because you forgot yours at home or forgot to charge it.  You will have a lunch detention after you have had to borrow three times (so your fourth, fifth and sixth time).  After six times, you will receive after school detention each time you forget.  This does NOT include if your Chromebook is in for repairs.
Thanks for your cooperation!

Students - reminder - No glass bottles of any kind are allowed in the school!  Also NO FOOD OR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED OUTSIDE AT LUNCH TIME!

PARENTS - CMAS Test results will be going home with your student TODAY!

May 18, 2018 - EVEN Day Schedule

Menu:   SEE DISTRICT MENU REMINDERS : Yearbooks will be handed out to 8th graders during Run with the Knights, 6th and 7th graders...