January 21, 2016 - ODD Day Schedule

Grilled Cheese
Chicken Tacos

Corn Dog
Italian Meatball sub
Reminders & Announcements:

The CODE cart will be in the cafeteria TOMORROW during lunches. Bring your CODE cards because you won't be able to leave the cafeteria to go get them.
How green is our school? Can we reduce the waste we generate at Newton? Come to the Green Team Club interest meeting next Thursday in room 1587 of C wing. We’ll have a short 15 minute meeting to plan for the future of the club. Let’s work together to start TerraCyling at Newton and reduce our contribution to Colorado’s landfills!
Please see Ms. Silverman or Ms. J. Andrews for more information
Newton’s annual talent show, Knight of Talent is back!  What’s your talent?  Do you juggle?  Do magic tricks?  Maybe ride a unicycle?  Can you do karate?  Maybe you’ve got the knack with a hula hoop!  Of course, music and dance acts are always welcome, but we’re betting a lot of you have other interesting talents and we’d love to see them!
Start planning your audition now!  Audition packets will be available next week, and are due by Friday, February 20th.  See Ms. Trainer in room 1375 or Ms. P. Andrews in the choir room for more information.

STUDENTS & PARENTS  - Come watch the Littleton Legends take on the Harlam Wizards! Feb 12th @ 7:00pm in the  LHS Gym - (doors open at 6) Fun night watching some of your teachers maybe look pretty silly playing against the Wizards!  Ticket information is on our website. You can buy online or at Newton!


Menu:   SEE DISTRICT MENU REMINDERS : Yearbooks will be handed out to 6th and 7th graders during lunch today. Students should writ...