May 19, 2015 - ALL Day Schedule

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Reminders & Announcements:

Extra Summer Reading forms are in the office if you don’t have access to a computer to print them with this summer.

All library books are due NOW!  Please check your lockers and classrooms for any books that need to be turned in.  Also check at home.  Thank you!
There is candy for any student who has turned in all library books!  
Also first Language Arts class to have all books turned in will receive a basket full of candy to share!

RWTK ---- Students will report to their elective classes for attendance. Then go the gym

PARENTS & Students

6th & 7th graders - please encourage your parents to go onto our website and review the registration process for next year. If they pay fees by cash or check by the 22nd or pay with credit card in July you will not have to stand in long lines on schedule pickup day. Our offices have to move out for the summer for construction, so if they have any questions after viewing this information, they need to contact us immediately.

6th & 7th Graders - If you will be leaving on the 22nd after you come back from your field trip - your parents MUST call the attendance line 1st thing in the morning or send you with a note so we can get you a pass before you leave for your activity. You will not be released to anybody not on IC.

PARENTS - if you will be picking up your child from an activity on the 22nd - we need to have you send us an e-mail BEFORE the 22nd indicating what time you will be picking them up.

LOST & FOUND will be donated on May 22nd - Please check the tables in lunchroom & by main office!


Menu:   SEE DISTRICT MENU REMINDERS : Yearbooks will be handed out to 6th and 7th graders during lunch today. Students should writ...