March 3, 2017 - EVEN Day Schedule



Students!! Have you been caring? Have you been open minded? Have you been disciplined? Have you been engaged?. Bring your CODE cards to lunch TODAY because you will not be allowed to leave the cafeteria to go get them.

Bump set spike it that's the way we like it! 7th grade girls listen up!! Volleyball season is just around the corner and we will have an interest meeting on Thursday March 9th after school. We are looking for all levels of volleyball players whether you have been playing for years or you would like to come try it for the first time. Come to the meeting to see what it's all about but please arrange for a ride home because the meeting should only last about 15 minutes. See Ms. Osthoff or Ms. Trainer if you have questions.

8th grade Basketball team.  Jerseys are due to the main office as soon as possible.  Please bring the WASHED jersey and shorts to the main office today.