December 7, 2016 - LATE START SCHEDULE



Student Council will be meeting TOMORROW in Mrs. Mack's room. Bring markers if you have them and ideas for posters for the ugly sweater contest we are having at the end of December. We will also finalize plans for room service.

Attention all 6th,7th and 8th grade wrestlers. We will have our pizza party to celebrate our successful season TODAY after school. Make sure you bring Mrs. Mack your singlet so you can get your pizza. See you  in 1592.

CODE Cards CODE cards CODE cards!!!! It's that time of year again to be rewarded for being an awesome Newton Knight! On Friday December 9th we will have ditch for donuts and bingo! Bring 6 CODE cards to lunch on Wednesday or Thursday and get the opportunity to ditch homeroom on Friday Dec. 9th and eat donuts! There will also be prizes for Bingo! Don't forget those CODE cards!

Students AND Parents
You must be accompanied by a parent to after school concerts, drama performances, etc. You may attend sporting events without a parent as long as we have no discipline problems.

September 13, 2019 --- EVEN Day Schedule

Menu:   SEE DISTRICT MENU Today the CODE Shack will be open during lunch! There's all kinds of treats to exchange for your cards. ...